"Wind Down Wednesday"

Let’s talk about my mindfulness podcast on Buzzsprout. I want to take the time to discuss the inspiration for “Wind Down Wednesday”, what it means for me and why I want to share it with you. I have noticed that with Give Me Harmony as a whole, it has been easy to stress about the aspect of time, especially in a world that is so instantly gratifying. Everything is now, now, now! You need to be relevant NOW, you need to be ready NOW, otherwise the world is just passing you by, and someone else is taking your place. I am haunted by that feeling often. The feeling that I’m losing out, that I am wasting time. There is an immense amount of pressure as a result, and I notice myself creating disconnected and inauthentic work when I am under that kind of pressure. Therefore, I have been teaching myself how to slow down and connect with the current moment, and there is nothing more relevant or right now than that. The current moment will let you know whether to act or whether to wait. The current moment reveals who you are right now, so it is my intention that right now my podcast is focused on mindfulness practices, and therefore the creation of "Wind Down Wednesday" is a mindfulness practice in itself.

In addition to elements rooted in the earth, I will be using space to guide the Wind Down Wednesday podcast…crystals, moon phases and astrology heavily influenced by my Native American culture. This coming Sunday, December 12, 2021, Venus, the planet of love, goes into retrograde in Capricorn. You’ll be excited to learn that I am a Capricorn. Surprise, surprise!! The focus this week is relationships, specifically boundaries. Are you giving more than you’re getting? Are you accepting things that may be unhealthy for you? If you are an empath like me, it is alluring to care of others, to take on the weight of their emotions and to truly believe that you can heal their pain with the power of your love. While this is a noble cause, and a very important gift, replenishing yourself with that same love is even more important.

You may read these words and somewhat connect to them, consider that they are mostly true and feel that you have been positively influenced, but until you explore the depths within you…why you have the people in your life that you do, why you face present challenges, then you will never truly discover the truth about yourself. Bringing your subconscious to the forefront is the definition of self-awareness, and all things that are practiced with intention get us there. Meditation, crystal healing, studying astrology, following the moon phases…these are just some of the means for practicing intention, but before we get into all of that, let me give you something to start with: #journaling. I know that this is not the first time you’re hearing this, so seriously, just do it. Writing things down can help you make serious connections and bring your inner self to the light. If you want to get even more groovy, start writing down your dreams. The subconscious reveals itself through dreams and although sometimes we may have silly dreams that seem to make no sense at all, before long things will be revealed to you.

What I’m saying is that, if you pay attention, everything around you will start to make a lot more sense. You will realize how connected you are to everything and how connected everything is to you, and that’s the real truth.

*Check out the Give Me Harmony website for more self-alignment resources and don’t forget to tune in every Wednesday for Midweek Mindfulness practices with the #winddownwednesdaypodcast on Buzzsprout.

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