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Barre & Pilates

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$72-Four Class Pass
$120-Eight Class Pass

Pole Fitness

$25-Drop In

$76-Four Class Pass
$128-Eight Class Pass


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Learn and Practice the Basics of Pilates 

If you have never taken Mat Pilates before, get ready to be addicted. Pilates Fundamentals is all about building a solid support system for overall movement by strengthening the core and improving flexibility, all while achieving muscle tone and encouraging spinal health. 


Core Trainer 

Strengthen and Tone Abs, Glutes, and Lower Back

Everyone wants a flat tummy and a juicy booty, and most of us have or will experience back pain at some point while trying to get there. That is because you haven’t properly trained your ENTIRE Core System. Pilates Core Trainer uses a combination of isometric and isotonic movement at a slow, controlled pace to achieve just that. 


Pelvic Floor

Train and Strengthen Intrinsic Core System through Muscle Isolation

Pilates Pelvic Floor is Kegels done right or Kegels on steroids. If you want to tighten things up in the lady department, Pilates Pelvic Floor is for you. Whether it be improved bladder control, more pleasure in the bedroom, or simply to feel powerful, strengthening your pelvic floor is the way to go. 



Combination of Pilates and Yoga

Piloga is just how it sounds, the dynamic duo: Pilates and Yoga come together all in one happy place. If you like the stretchy pace of Yoga and the muscle toning power of Pilates, you will love this class. Typically held in the mornings, Piloga is here to start your day off right. 



Pure Barre

Total Body Workout

Pure Barre utilizes music tempo and small isometric movements rooted in traditional ballet to tone your entire body and improve overall balance, coordination, and posture. This class is fast paced and up-beat, so get ready to have fun and sweat!


Barre Method


The Barre Method format emphasizes good form and body mechanics to keep your joints safe and stabilized. The pace is a bit slower than most other Barre offerings and is recommended for those with joint instability or those looking for a foundational Barre class.



Dance HIIT

Do you want to actually enjoy getting a workout? Well, let Barredio take you back to your childhood, in a good way. Remember those Ballet classes your mom made you take that you never did anything with…they’re about to get put to good use. We are doing squats in second position, curtsy lunges in fifth and making it one sashay closer to toned legs and thighs in this HIIT-style Barre class…and no there are no recitals, but you can still buy the fancy outfit. 


Mommy and Me

30-minute Ballet Barre Class

If you’re a busy mama and want to make more time for your little ballerina or if you just want a workout and need to bring along your sidekick, we are here to support you. Join other mommy-mini duos for a thirty-minute class on Saturday mornings.

*More class times to be considered upon request.

Pole Fitness


Floor Work and Routines

Unleash your inner vixen, test your rhythm, embody your goddess…in heels. Whether it be on the pole, in the bedroom or across the dance floor, Heels is designed to spice up your dance routine and build your confidence with everyone-friendly choreography.  



Exercises for Muscle Strength and Flexibility

Whether or not the Give Me Harmony poles are the first or only ones you’ve touched, you will need to build proper form and strength to avoid aches, pains and injuries (you may still have some battle scars) while spinning around and doing your thing. Join a Pole Conditioning class to get in the BEST shape you’ve ever been in. That’s a guarantee!   


Pole Basics

Static Pole Dance 

If you are just looking to dip your toes into pole dancing, this class is for you. There are no flips, tricks or climbing. We are simply learning a few basic pole movements, getting our blood pumping, and best of all having fun and feeling sexy. Bring a friend and your heels!

Class Descriptions

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