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"Give Me Harmony is your

Holistic Health & Fitness resource! 

Holistic means that all parts of a person:

mind, body and soul are intimately interconnected; physical, mental and spiritual health go hand in hand. As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

with a background in Psychology,

I offer true transformation with the integration of Dynamic Fitness Training,

"Diet-Free" Nutrition Coaching &

Daily Self-Alignment Resources."

Yoga at Home

Climbing the Ladder to Your Higher Self

   Give Me Harmony was developed during a process of self actualization in my life. I was struggling with crippling anxiety in a world that I felt demanded so much of me. It was becoming hard to tell where things were beginning and where they ended. I felt like I was living to work and working to live. I would come home at night just to wake up the next morning and do it all over again. I had a religion like everyone else and it wasn’t working for me. All it seemed to do was add to the insanity and by that point I was certain that it was run by the same machine that was running my life.

   There were a lot of quick fixes and almost all of them involved spending money to distract myself in some way. Everything became habitual and I sunk deeper and deeper into the quicksand that was doomed to become my life. Then one day, I turned on Netflix and happened upon a documentary about a group of people called “minimalists”. I loved the concept and their way of life but I didn’t like the label. It was just another group of people doing things and calling it something.

   On the outside I had always seemed like the perfect citizen, but on the inside I’ve always been a bit of a rebel in the sense that I’ve never fit in because I’ve never wanted to. I couldn’t just do, I had to be and it had to make sense. Nevertheless I knew these guys were onto something and I took some of their ideals to heart and began to look into other alternative styles of living. Ive always had one really important rule: remember to understand why I am doing something and only apply it to my life in a way that made sense to me.

   The more that I explored these ideas, the more that I realized I was allowing myself to be lead by that little voice inside of me and the more that I did, the louder it became. When I was a child I was told that this voice was it what you want but I didn’t want to call it that because there were always too many rules for that title. It wasn’t God if it was telling you to do this or this or that and so long as I let other people tell me what it was saying then I wasn’t truly listening.